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ALL Day - Artemis

3:00 PM Monster Melee Begins
 4:00 PM Pokeball Hunt

All Day Events

Table Top Gaming - We have a great array of board games, dice games and more! Bring your own if you wish as well!
Video Gaming - from old school to new school, a great array of video games for everyone to play with each other, or battle it out fighting!

ARTEMIS - Artemis is back! If you are not familiar with Artemis, it's a sight to behold. You and 5 others command a starship in the vein of Star Trek with a captain, helm officer, engineering officer, weapons officer, communications officer, and a science officer. Come check it out!

Monster Melee - Monster Melee is a Meta-Game that plays up to 30 players. A "Meta" game is a game that is played while doing other things. Monster Melee is an ideal game to be played inside a convention which you can play during other games or activities. In Monster Melee, you play as one of 5 monster species: Human, Vampire, Werewolf, Ghost, and Alien. The last monster standing at the end gets a great prize!  Sign up for it at Casual Dragon Games Game Library.

The Great Poke'ball HuntBack again for its third year! When the whistle blows, find hidden Poke'mon balls scattered throughout the premises. Poke'balls = prizes... gotta catch 'em all!!!

The EPIC STORY - The name says it all! Take part in creating and writing some lines in an epic tale that will be read to all at the stroke of 8 PM. This event will be going on throughout the day up until 8PM, so be sure to write your little slice of the adventure that unfolds. Be as funny and obscure and ridiculous as you with to have things be. Everyone will receive a special little paper ticket upon entry that you give to our "EPIC STORY" book keeper. 

CON-Toast CeremonyIn the closing of the convention, this is the ceremony in which we raise our glasses of whatever beverage we have, and toast to the wonderful merriment of gaming and social alliances formed between us all in cheerful times of CON. All may continue gaming after the ceremony as well. It shall be one to remember, and laugh at.